Website marketing during recession

The general reaction whenever there is an economic downturn is to press the panic button and avoid all types of spending. Instead why not think of the economic recession as an opportunity to explore new avenues and reorient marketing strategies?

Website marketing during recession

Of course, winners never lose and the one assured way to retain the existing customer base and acquire new ones is not to curtail business spending but to think anew marketing methods deployed.

Website Design Strategies to gain customers

The first step is to look into ways and means of keeping in tact the existing customer base. Study the customer’s buying pattern and contact them bearing in mind that during recessions, customers are less likely to experiment with unknown suppliers and new brands. The businessman who succeeds, despite recession, is the one able to think and act differently with regard to sales and marketing campaigns.

It is good to redesign the website to tell the buyers exactly what needs to be told without any attempt to oversell the products or services. Recession is the time when people will buy strictly what is required and not the inessentials. Cramming the web pages with loads of unwanted information or glib sales talk may annoy buyers and turn away customers.

One useful suggestion would be to set up company pages on relevant social media sites and automate content updates with RSS feeds and subscriptions. As a matter of fact, today analytics and optimization software are priced in an affordable range and much more easily available.

Instead of tamely becoming a hapless victim of recession consider recession as an opportunity to seize control of the things that were going astray and set the house in order. It is preferable to consult Customer Relations Professionals while revising web content.

Benefits of Designing Recession Proof Website

While no individual businessman can control the factors that cause an economic recession, the shrewd ones explore ways to overcome the recessionary factors and attempt to rebuild and create a recession-proof Web site. A redesigned site that improves conversion rate will decrease cost per customer acquisition and make ad spending more cost-effective

A site that is constantly monitored and regularly modified for better conversion can withstand the negatives of economic recession. Building a recession-proof online marketing campaign calls for creative thinking, a thorough market study and reworking of strategies.

Redefining Marketing and Advertising Policies

Economic recession does not mean all spending on advertisements must cease. Instead the present advertisement policy has to be reviewed and all advertisements that did not generate sales must be scrupulously avoided and the money thus saved must be used for the ones that proved more productive.

Avoid keywords that did not serve the purpose. It is worthwhile researching the customer acquisition cost and work towards lowering the cost per click (CPC) by improving the keyword quality score and conversion rates.

Website marketing

It is a known fact that most internet marketing strategies demands spending more time and less money compared to the traditional marketing and publicity methods. An economic recession can prove a huge opportunity to outwit competitors who may be panic-stricken and curtailing all marketing and advertisement expenses.

The success formula during financial meltdown is to closely monitor the competitors’ reactions and prepare to take advantage of their weaknesses and predictable wrong approaches.

Earning money from the Internet

In today’s economic climate, many people search for alternative means to supplement their income. Making money from online ventures does not need to cost the entrepreneur money, but it does require learning some skills.

How to Create a Website

Google, Yahoo, WordPress and other such platforms offer free websites to their users. Although these web sites are limited to a certain number of pages they are an excellent starting point in creating a presence on the internet. These search engines even supply the user with the necessary tools to build the website or blog.

Choose the content of the web site with care, as it reflects the person behind the site. Good quality will have visitors returning for more. Current content sites that include up to date and valuable information are likely to attract more visitors in the long term.

Why Choosing the Right Keywords are Important

Earning money from the Internet

Keywords are the terms a person searching for information on the internet, enters into the search box of the search engine. The search engine returns a result of web sites with content or titles matching the terms searched for by the user.

In order for internet users to see the web site, the keywords searched for, must appear in the web site. Should the marketer have a web site providing information on the training of dogs, keywords relating to automobiles will cause the search engine to ignore his web site. The content of the site, including the headings and sub- headings should therefore contain words the internet user would use to search for the information on the website.

There are numerous training products available on the internet to assist the new web site owner in learning more about the value and choice of keywords. Many of these products have been reviewed extensively and users should first consult them before deciding to buy any product.

Methods to Promote a Website

The purpose of creating a web site is to have people read the content and if applicable, respond to the information on the site. There are different ways to promote a site, paid for and free.

What is Pay- per- Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising means that the search engine displays the marketer’s advertisement on the search result pages of the search engine and on other web sites with relevant content. The marketer only pays when an internet user clicks on the advertisement. This is one of the most effective means of advertising on the internet and generating traffic to specific web site, but it could be too expensive for the new entrepreneur.

Article Writing to Promote a Web Site

Various article directories on the internet provide the marketer with the opportunity to obtain links to his web site by submitting an article to their directory at no cost. The marketer can place a link to his web site in the resources box or author biography. This is only an effective marketing tool if the content of the article is accurate and the information is valuable. This method is slow in building traffic to the web site, but yields long lasting results.

A few other methods to create traffic to the web site include joining forums, submitting press releases, using Google Adsense and adding the web site address to outgoing e-mails.