WeChat login problems

WeChat has been among the most downloaded cross platform instant messaging apps with huge no. of downloads at various app stores.

Let it be Google play, iTune or Windows app store, WeChat can be found in most downloaded apps. WeChat although becoming popular day by day as the company is spending huge money on commercial in various countries but one thing that the developer should work on is WeChat login problem and the errors like “WeChat has Stopped”, “App crashes” and lots other errors that different users have started to get specially with recent updated version.

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WeChat login problem

In this post, I will try to give solution to some of the common WeChat problems and hope this post will help people out.

The first error that I gonna take up is WeChat login problem.

Few people start to get this error with recent update where after entering all the details like phone number and password, it keeps on going and going and in few mins it says unable to login.

This is really frustrating and sometimes it becomes so much annoying that users don’t find any better option that uninstalling this app.

Well the possible reason behind this error could be that you are not connected with internet and that’s why your phone is not able to connect with WeChat server.

So before you try to login to app, make sure you are connected with internet.

If you still get the same error, uninstalling and re-installing app resolves the problem in many cases (Caution: take backup of all your conversations before you do that).

If you still not able to resolve the problem, let me know what exact error you get while logging into your account through comment section.

The other error I will be talking about is, sometime while logging into account many people get an error “WeChat has Stopped” and app crashes.

This is a bug in latest WeChat version and developers are working on it to get the problem fixed however again uninstalling and re-installing the app solves the problem in many cases.

The other thing you may try out to get this problem resolved is get the password recovered (Caution: take backup of all your conversation). It happens as the app is not able to connect with WeChat’s server.

Apart from these two major errors, if you get any other error, share it using comment section and I will try to give solution so that you could use this great app without any problem.

I hope this article helps you figure out a solution to resolve this problem. Sometimes we may get other kind of problem as well but this is the most common problem that people have faced.

We written this tutorial based on demand of the readers of our blog.

We had been receiving lots of email and queries if we could help WeChat users to resolve this particular problem.

Instead of replying to each of those emails, we decided to write a post on our blog so that everyone else who has been facing this problem could find this article helpful.

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  1. I’m using Galaxy Tab S and after downloading wechat, and after open the app, the log in button is not functioning, ie when I tap on it, it’s not responding. No error, just assuming no one tap on the Log In button.

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