WhatsApp releases desktop client – Download for Windows and Mac

It can exciting to hear that cross platform instant messaging app WhatsApp has finally released desktop client for Windows and Mac but it can be equally disappointing too to know that the desktop client is not at all different than the one you were using through web browser. The only difference is you need not to keep browser opened to get the notification.

We have seen several major changes since Facebook acquired WhatsApp back in 2013. Among those updates WhatsApp calling feature, WhatsApp web, ability to send text and pdf files through WhatsApp been some of the major updates. Now the developers finally brought the desktop client of WhatsApp to compete with rivals such as Skype and other such application which are already having a desktop client.

WhatsApp Desktop clientThe desktop client is available for Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.9 and later versions at the moment however the company is said to be working for other OS as well.  The desktop client is not an standalone application that you can download on the PC, enter mobile number and password to login to the client, its still an extension and you have to map WhatsApp on your phone onto the PC. Its just you will not be requiring any browser to stay logged in to WhatsApp and get all the notification on the desktop.


How to download and install WhatsApp desktop client

As as I said earlier the desktop client is available for Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.9 and later, people who are using Windows 7 or earlier version of Mac, they will not be able to download the desktop client as of now. They will have to upgrade to said versions but upgrading to Windows 8 or 10 just for using WhatsApp desktop client doesn’t make sense. The desktop client for Windows or the Mac can be download from their official website.

Click here to for direct link. Once you download the setup file, double click it to start the installation process and follow the instructions.

How to use WhatsApp desktop client on Windows and Mac

If you have used WhatsApp web, you wouldn’t face even a single issue to get started with desktop client. Just start the desktop client and you will see completely similar page as you used to see while using WhatsApp web. You will still see the code that has to be scanned through your mobile in order to establish a connection. Its just you don’t have to open a browser and enter web version URL.

WhatsApp desktop client start

Open WhatsApp on the phone and scan the code appears on the desktop client dialogue box. The moment you scan this code, the connection will be established and all the contacts with chat history will appear on the desktop client. The process of using desktop client is ditto same as web version its just you can log off the client from the menu just like other applications.

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