Why use a reverse phone lookup

It may sound too good to be true, but there is now a way to do a reverse cell phone lookup. All you need is the internet and depending on how much information you need, possibly a bit of money.

Why use a reverse phone lookup

Why use a Reverse Phone Lookup?

The following situations are only a few reasons that you may want to do a reverse cell phone lookup:

You are plagued with calls from the same phone number only to find out that it is a sales person. Yes, nowadays, sales people even use cell phones to make their calls. The problem that you may run into is that a name does not register with their cell phone number and you want the calls to stop.
You continually get prank calls from the same number, but no name appears with the number. The problem is that it is an invasion of your privacy and it is illegal.
Someone calls you repeatedly, but never leaves a message. Not only do they neglect to leave a message, but their name does not appear with their number. The problem is that you want to find out who is trying to reach you so that you know whether or not you need to return the phone call.
You found a cell phone number that you wrote down in your pocket, but you forgot to write their name down. The problem is that you need to determine whether this was someone you were supposed to call or whether you were just writing the person’s number down out of courtesy.
You have an old classmate’s cell phone number, but you have no idea where that friend is now. The problem is that you want to reconnect with that friend, but you only have a cell phone number to remember them by.

How to Perform a Reverse Phone Search

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The process to doing a reverse cell phone lookup for any of the above situations is the same. You can begin by going to a general search engine and typing in the cell phone number in the search bar. If that brings the results you are looking for, then you can stop there. However, more than likely you will want to go a step further and find a reverse cell phone lookup service.

The service houses numbers, names and addresses. All you need in order to begin a reverse cell phone lookup is obviously the cell phone number. You type the cell phone number into the allotted space and hit search. Then, you are provided with the name, address and sometimes other personal information about that cell phone number holder.

How much does a Reverse Phone Lookup Cost?

For some reverse cell phone lookup services there is a cost associated with them. The fees vary, usually according to the amount of information that you need. Others provide the service for free. When you are deciding which way to go try one and if you do not like it then move onto a different service.

The Truth Behind Reverse Phone Search

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Many people are generally confused about reverse phone searches, thinking they should be free. To expand on the aforementioned topic, land line lookups should be free, if the number that’s calling you is publicly listed. This is because public numbers are already compiled into a publicly available directory (i.e. the white pages), and so looking through them forwards and backwards incurs no cost.

Cell phone lookups, on the other hand, are not free. This is because a) there is not one master directory of cell phone numbers, as each carrier has it’s own private database of cell phone numbers; and b) cell phone information is still considered private, and so is not available for free.

Then how do you get the information? Reverse cell phone lookup companies must purchase the different databases from various cell phone providers, and then compile it into one singular directory. Since the content is not free, they must charge a small amount for their services, else they would go out of business and no longer be able to continue to purchase more recent, updated databases.

Many people are wary of reverse phone search companies and the services they provide, simply because they aren’t familiar with the inner workings of such companies. Most companies are generally honest and up-front about what they can and can’t provide, and there are rarely any truly scammy or dishonest sites. Consumers just need to educate themselves a bit more on what exactly is behind reverse phone lookups and how the system works. Hopefully this gives you a bit more insight.