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Planning and Organizing Projects with Wrike Online Project Management Software

What is it – Wrike is basically an agile project management software that provides a hub for a business organization to collaborate from, or to work on several projects at the same time. Basically, it is used for managing a project with as much hands-free operation as possible, helping teams to run projects effectively and quickly. 

It is also used in marketing project management as it can house and organize everything from image files to documents, from videos to multiple resources, including employee management records.

It is particularly useful as a scheduling software for laying out all your tasks and projects on a timeline, making it much easier to single handedly manage complex projects.

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Key Features of Wrike

  1. Project planning and scheduling

When you are about to manage a team, it is highly important to have the tasks and the responsibilities outlined and also visible to everyone. The proper planning and scheduling will help everyone from the client to the employees to create a fixed target for when work should be completed.

Task management online will generally allow you to outline all the upcoming activities that will assign respective tasks to the team members. It also allows you to perfectly manage all the requirements and fulfill all the needs of a project.

  1. Team collaboration

One of the key things that web-based project management tools do is to allow for more efficient team collaboration. Team unity and seeing progress is a crucial element to a functional team, and project management apps help you do this with file sharing, team communication, as well as team dashboards for visibility into the data you need.

All these functions help you administer a project and allocate resources. And the built-in timeline software in Wrike should even help you plan your collaboration properly so you know what task is next and how its completion will affect everyone. Once you can get to use the software properly, it will genuinely help you with your KPIs and objectives.

  1. Time tracking

If you are not tracking all the time you work on a task in an Excel sheet, Wrike will help you in accomplishing this. All you need do is hit the timer button and it will track your time as you work on something. Also quick access to your data will give you the option of real-time tracking and will allow getting the information collected in one place.

  1. Reporting

Because Wrike is task management online, it’s easy to accomplish your projects and generate reports so that you can analyze and be more aware of all the different elements that make up a project.

To obtain a thorough overview, there are a variety of reports you can generate that will show project progressm, or overdue items, which resources were used, which were over budget, and more. Also, you can create a project KPI dashboard which will help you to track all the essential requirements as the quarter progresses.

  1. Project budgeting

The next thing that you need to do is to schedule the budget and also track the costs and the resources for the project. You can even schedule the project resources so you have the people you need at the right time.

With the help of Wrike, you can easily track the project budget and be able to share it with your manager and other stakeholders easily. All that you have to do is just allocate the budget and set the percentage of the costs and the profits accordingly.

  1. Billing & quotes

With the help of Wrike project management software, you can easily create a budget dashboard with time billing which will help you generate invoices once the project is completely over. Having access to the data quickly will speed up your process  to get everything done.

Thus, choosing Wrike for your business is highly important and beneficial.