Xiaomi Mi6 price, release date, specification and features

Are you looking for a smartphone while will set up the mood to carry whenever you are in need to? Well, just after the launch of the predator, the Xiaomi Mi6 is now ready to buzz around our ears to get the most crowd attention.

Though there has been a delay in the launch of the Xiaomi Mi5, the next version of the phone is expected to be hitting the market on the end of the 2016 or the beginning of the 2017.

This has been a great thing to consider for every people as there has been many hits already on the Xiaomi Mi6. If you are interested in buying it, just follow this post to know more about it.

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The Xiaomi Mi6 Specifications:

Though it is all confirmed now, the Xiaomi Mi6 will bring up some of the best specifications and features to attract you. Check it out from here.

Xiaomi Mi6Display:

Part from the full HD display which had shown up in the Xiaomi Mi5, the Mi6 will now have its call for the UHD Display. Infact the 4K resolution display support will make you go crazy.

Thus the full HD video is always there in the Xiaomi Mi6 which will give you a good advantage to go for. So now you can play better high end games as well as getting the things to make it better.

Snapdragon Processor:

The Xiaomi Mi6 is also set to receive an integration in the processor which will come up as a good help for the people. Infact when the buzz is around the processor, then the 2.5 GHz SnapDragon processor will come on to your favour indeed. So the processor is highly updated and it will not keep you hanging for anything.


The primary camera of the phone gets a boost from the 15 MP to the 23 MP that gives a real good thing indeed. Though it was once heard that the Xiaomi Mi6 will make it to a 16 MP camera, still the buzz is on the 23 MP. The secondary camera may receive also another boost from the 5 MP to the 7 MP.

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The Xiaomi Mi6 features:

There has still been a lot of buzz in the unique features that the Xiaomi Mi6 is going to bring. However the advancement of the wireless charging system has been something to look out for.

Well, indeed it is calculated to be a good thing to look out for. Well, the charging should be fast and much more effective in line. The wireless charging system is going to be much faster than the general ones and it will vive almost a boost of 50% in the total time taken.

The Xiaomi Mi6 Price:

Though it has strictly not been mentioned yet, we can still assume that the launch in the US will be between $400- $500. However the launch in the year of 2017 in the other countries may raise the price beyond 500$. So you can buy it from anywhere and anyhow.