Zombie Pizza: a Puzzle Game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Zombie Pizza is a puzzle game for the iPhone OS. The protagonist is a worker at a pizza shop for the undead, responsible for making pizzas, thus keeping the zombies happy. Pepperoni and sausage are replaced as pizza toppings by brains, hearts, and other human organs.

Zombie Pizza: a Puzzle Game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

Zombie Pizza for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Features

Addictive Puzzle-based Gameplay
“Undead” Sense of Humor
Excellent Cartoon-like Graphics
Effective Use of iPhone’s Touch Interface
Support for the OpenFeint Social Gaming Network
Story Mode with Level Upgrades and More

Developed by Appy Entertainment, Zombie Pizza is one of the top zombie-themed games available at the App Store for the iPhone OS. Not as bloody as Draw Slasher, and with a sense of humor missing from BloodNGuns, Zombie Pizza is sure to provide hours of quality gameplay for non-squeamish fans of the puzzle genre.

Remembering those Pizza Recipes

At its core, Zombie Pizza is a matching game. A conveyor belt carrying pizza toppings is in motion, and the gamer places four toppings on each pizza with well-timed finger swipes; a final swipe sends the completed pie on to the undead. There are certain pizza “recipes” that need to be followed to score points.

The “Road Kill” involves using four different toppings; the “Split Dog” uses two each of any topping, while the “Gut Buster” sports four of the same topping. The toppings include brains (zombies especially love these!), hearts, stomachs, a pair of eyeballs, and so on – this isn’t Pizza Hut.

Occasionally, there are special orders to be followed. Who would have known there were vegetarian zombies who only love broccoli pizza? As the game advances, the user is also responsible for making more than one pizza at a time, which adds to the gameplay mayhem.

Zombie Pizza

Mistaken orders, or not making enough pizzas before sunrise (when the level ends) results in an untimely death for the player. Zombie Pizza’s Story Mode offers a slight narrative and level advancement; there is also a Survival Mode that involves making pizzas as quickly as possible with an increasing difficulty level.

Social Networking for Pizza-making Zombies

Zombie Pizza supports the iPhone’s OpenFeint social gaming network with worldwide leaderboards and achievements to earn. This, along with the game’s story mode, make for a puzzle game with decent replay value.

Fans of the puzzle game genre who aren’t turned off by a bit of blood and guts – used as pizza toppings – would do well to download Zombie Pizza. This is a fun title that’s perfect for a quick gaming siesta; just make sure to play it after lunch!

Three Top Puzzle Games for the iPhone and iPad

Apple’s App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is home to a plethora of puzzle games. Three of the top titles all support the popular OpenFeint social gaming network and were recently featured in OpenFeint’s “Free Game of the Day” program.

These three titles all sport top rank gameplay as well as great graphics and presentation. This makes them especially stand out amongst the multitude of App Store gaming options.

The Memory Matching Fun of DoubleTake

DoubleTake is puzzle game based on memory matching techniques. The title, developed by RetroDreamer, is still available as a free title for the iPhone and thus is a must download.

The gameplay involves tapping on squares each containing a certain shape. Gamers must match the same shape to score points and remove those shapes from the game board. Extra points are scored when stringing together multiple matches.

The game features four different modes. Sprint mode involves scoring as many matches during one minute which makes it perfect for a quick gaming break. Other modes include Timed, where the allotted time increases with each match. Survival mode which is like Timed mode, but substitutes “health” for time. Finally there is a basic mode where the gamer tries to match the whole board as fast as possible.

Puzzle Games for the iPhone

OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards simply add to the game’s replayability. DoubleTake is another great title from RetroDreamer who could become an American version of Donut Games, the Swedish casual game giant.

Puzzle Column Action with Kascade

Kascade is a column clearing title from developer, myCodeStudio. The game plays like a version of Connect 4 on steroids with sharp graphics and sound.

Kascade’s two game modes each require the user to match any three (or more) blocks of the same color. Classic mode requires the gameboard to be fully cleared, while the longer-lasting Columns mode adds new blocks whenever a full column is removed.

The game has over 50 OpenFeint achievements as well as its own leaderboards in addition to the ones provided by OpenFeint. This is a top title sure to please fans of color matching puzzlers.

The Beautiful Shape Matching of Rune Trails

Rune Trails is a simply beautiful tile matching game developed by Argentinian mobile development house, Quadion Touch. The graphics are near the top as far as iPhone gaming is concerned with exquisitely-designed tiles and gameboards.

The game requires the user to match five runes together to clear them from the gameboard while earning points. After each move, more tiles are added to the board. The game ends when the gameboard is completely filled. Certain color-coded tiles add to the strategy by offering score combos or freezing the addition of new tiles for a few turns.

The game’s various modes include a time mode as well as varying the amount of color-coded tiles, which make the gameplay easier. Rune Trails also features OpenFeint integration and a nice set of achievements as well as leaderboards. Its addictive gameplay and quality graphics make it one of the top iPhone puzzle games, just like DoubleTake and Kascade.